Brights Grove

Poetic Photography from a Bird's Perspective (Oct.2003)

A hard-cover coffee-table book in which twenty-six poems
and twenty-six photographs

are brought together in sepia tones,
not only to complement one another,
but to give
extra dimensions to the created mood, 
and the dedication of ...'to moving forward'...


The Journey Inward - A Philosophical Quest through Poetry and Photography (May 2008)

The Journey Inward is self-exploration and is a path to the depths of your soul.  
A hard-cover coffee-table book in which 75 poems
and 42 photographs (in full colour)
are brought together

to give the reader two different media
through which to feel and understand
the equal wonder and beauty
of both photos and words, in which the dedication is

…’to the eternal journey’…

– no passport, no travel, just arrive! -





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